Consulting & Supports

Consulting Projects

As comprehensive service provider, we are interested to impart our know-how within consulting projects.

Our consulting service is divided into two core areas, the support during product development and the consulting, design development and construction of our clients own irradiation facility. Main focus points are:

  • Development of sterilization processes with ionizing radiation
  • Optimization of product and packaging design
  • Modelling and simulation of irradiation processes based on mathematical methods
  • Design, feasibility study and econimical evaliation of irradiation facilities (off-line and inline)
  • Support in planning  and bringing into service of low energy electron accelerators

Development projects are supported by our team of specialists. Quality take a first rank in all our services, therefore project plans, review meetings, professional intermediate and end reports are a self-evident standard.

The combination of scientific basics and long term experience in experimental and routine practice renders Mediscan to a uniquely qualified partner for your projects.