E-Beam Technology

Mediscan operates two Rhodotron TT-100 10MeV and one Rhodotron TT-300 electron accelerators with a total capacity of 260 kW .

In these machines, electrons are accelerated on a rosette pathway and through a scan horn directed in an oscillating manner on the products. When impinging on the product, the electrons interact with the material, whereby the irradiation dose is built up. This leads to the desired alteration of product attributes, e.g. achieving sterility of the product or crosslinking of polymers.

The most prominent feature of Mediscan is the highly reproducible, accurate and economic application of irradiation doses from 100Gy to 500kGy.

Detailed information about our e-beam technology is available  in our e-beam product brochure. For additional information, please contact our members of staff.


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