Irradiation of Products

Mediscan GmbH & Co KG employs ionizing radiation for sterilization of medicinal products and medical devices, germ reduction in packaging materials and functional improvement of plastic materials and semi-conductors.

To meet these requirements Mediscan relies on three safe, efficient and well established technologies – electron beam, gamma and X-ray. This enables us to offer the optimum treatment concept to our clients.

Our customers benefit from our comprehensive know-how in modelling irradiation processes, dosimetry, process control, systems engineering, microbiology, material science and regulatory requirements.


Moreover, Mediscan is a proven consulting partner in industrial irradiation projects. Project studies benefit from our extensive know-how in regulative affairs, microbiology, dosimetry, mathematical modelling, process control and irradiator system engineering. The combination of science with a decade of practical experience makes us the perfect partner for consulting in inhouse, inline or service center projects.