Gamma Technology

Mediscan operates a gamma irradiation unit (Gammatron 1500) with a maximum capacity of 1MCi in Seibersdorf, Austria.

In this facility gamma rays are generated by radioactive decay of Cobalt 60. These high energy photons permeate the material and interact during this passage, whereby the irradiation dose is built up. This leads to the desired sterility of the product.

The Gammatron 1500 is a tote facility. Products are taken from the pallet and put in metal sterilization totes which pass in several layers on a meandering path through the irradiation vault around the emitting centre.

The most prominent feature of Mediscan is the unsurpassed accuracy of the facility combined with surprising cost effectiveness.

Detailed information about our gamma technology is available in our gamma product brochure. For additional information, please contact our members of staff.


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