Service and Logistics

We provide versatile services for our clients, beginning already before the first delivery of goods with planning of the irradiation process, choice of applicable dosimetry as well as optimization of transport packaging and ending with determining the logistic chain.

For dosimetry control of the irradiation process, Mediscan offers the following systems optimized for the employed technology and the specific customer requirements:

  • Far West film dosimetry (e-beam)
  • Perspex dosimetry (gamma and X-ray)
  • Alanine dosimetry (e-beam, gamma and X-ray)
  • Calorimetric dosimetry (e-beam)

We offer our clients highest flexibility in carrying out sterilization services. This includes the possibility for just in time treatment as well as establishing a continuous delivery and dispatch process.

For additional information, please contact our members of staff.