X-Ray Technology

Mediscan operates one Rhodotron TT-100 and ond Rhodotron TT-300 electron accelerator which can provide either high-electrons or alternatively photons.

To generate X-Rays, an electron beam is directed on a metal plate, where high energy photons are demitted. These X-ray photons are comparable in their mode of action to photons derived by gamma decay of Cobalt 60.

This machine is marked by an exhaustively characterized X-ray field, supreme dose homogeneity and the possibility to apply extremely low doses as used for inactivation of blood and blood products with highest accuracy. In addition to routine treatment this new technology opens a broad field of new applications and possibilities for our clients to optimize product treatment and adjust processes to complex products.

Detailed information about our X-ray technology you will find in our X-ray product brochure. For additional information, please contact our members of staff.


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