The use of ionizing radiation to treat products is our core business.

It all began with a single electron accelerator for the sterilization of medical devices in their final packaging. Starting with this accelerator, Mediscan developed into a leading service provider for all industrial sectors and currently operates the largest electron-beam sterilization center in Europe.

As radiation has effects on material properties, we utilize our equipment not only for sterilization and decontamination but also for refining steps, such as hardening and surface modification, and to increase the lifetime of technical parts and components.

We develop and validate irradiation processes according to your specific requirements and offer optimized solutions based on our three available technologies: electron-beam and X-ray technology in Kremsm√ľnster and gamma radiation at our Seibersdorf site. We are committed to the continuous advancement of our methods and processes as well as to the establishment of new fields of application.

Mediscan is certified according to EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 11137-1 and authorized to sterilize pharmaceuticals at both sites.