E-Beam Technology

E-beam technology uses high-energy electrons, which are generated in electron accelerators for a variety of purposes. Mediscan operates RhodotronĀ® electron accelerators manufactured by IBA, a world leader in particle accelerator technology. Electrons are accelerated along a rosette path, emitted when they reach the desired energy level, and oscillated through a scan horn. When electrons impinge on the product, the required radiation dose is deposited and the required effects like sterilization or cross-linking are achieved.

With two Rhodotron TT-100 accelerators and one Rhodotron TT-300 accelerator, together representing a total installed beam power of 260 kW, Mediscan is well equipped to handle any product volume on behalf of its customers and able to offer unique just-in-time irradiation logistics concepts. The redundancy of operating three equivalent machines at two different sites provides unmatched production assurance and service continuity. We treat small product volumes as well as complete truckloads.