Technology Selection Guide

Product density is a simple criterion when identifying the most suitable technology.

Density Product
low wound dressing
cell culture flasks
laboratory material
medium infusion sets
empty syringes
packaging material
high implants

Dose Process Product
low decontamination food packaging
performance enhancement semi conductors
medium sterilization medical devices
pre treatment granulate
high crosslinking and curing plastic components

The function of this tool is to help you find the appropriate technology for your specific product and field of application. Simply drag the arrow across the table to the desired combination. The symbols for e-beam, X-ray, or gamma technology will then be displayed.

Please contact our experts if you would like more detailed information.

cell culture consumables
cosmetic packaging plastic vials and cups
crosslinking connectors
membrances and foils
doping semiconductors
solar cells
food packaging beverages
dairy products
laboratory pipettes and pipette tips
reagent tubes
medical device blood collection
blood sampling
haemodialysis consumables
laboratory petri dishes
medical device sutures
tooth implants
pharmaceutical packing plastic vials
granulate and fibres granulate and fibres
medical device infusion sets
surgical gloves
wound care products
pet food pet food and tidbits
pharmaceutical packing closures
functional inserts
single use hygiene garment single use hygiene garment
pharmaceutical active pharmaceutical ingredients
archiving antiques
archived records
clean room clean room supplements
cosmetics beauty products
ointments and creams
oral hygiene
shower gel
soaps and gels
medical device bone cement
combination products
stents and shunts
joint implants
rhinal sprays
pharmaceutical blood and blood products
pharmaceutical packing aluminum tubes
infusion bags
ready to fill syringes
tissue alografts tissue alografts
agriculture disinfestation