X-Ray Technology

Two electron accelerators, one Rhodotron TT-100 and one Rhodotron TT-300, are equipped with an X-ray line in addition to the standard electron-beam line. Our TT-300 is the world’s first true dual-line accelerator system in which two individual process conveyors are configured for optimized e-beam as well as X-ray treatment.

When high-energy electrons impinge on the tantalum target installed at the X-ray scan horn, part of their energy is converted into X-ray photons. These photons exhibit essentially the same effects as photons derived from the radioactive decay of 60Co.

Our irradiators stand out for their thoroughly characterized X-ray field, the highest-possible level of dose homogeneity, and the possibility of applying a very low irradiation dose. They open up new fields of application and options for optimal product irradiation as well as the treatment of products with complex requirements.